Robot traffic detection for the ELK stack

Supercharge the idle data in your Elasticsearch with Reveal, our AI based robot detection.

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Familiar with GeoIP and User Agent parsing?
It's time to use Reveal and add robot detection!

Integrating with popular log shippers like Logstash and Logagent, Access Watch easily plugs into the ELK stack to augment your logs with robot detection and traffic intelligence.


Augment access logs with advanced intelligence.

Access Watch reveals what’s exactly behind each request. Get robot detection, request reputation and threat analysis for all of your traffic.

Visualize all of your robot traffic in Kibana.

See all good, bad and suspicious robots on your website or application as well as clear breakdowns between human and robotic traffic over time.


Direct access to the most exhaustive robot database on the market.

Access Watch is the reference intelligence for the thousands of good and bad robots active on the web. With Reveal, easily integrate this knowledge in your logs and dashboards.

Your ELK cluster needs robot detection.

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