Get Cloud Hosted instance

Key Features

  • Your own Access Watch instance running in the cloud.
  • Installed, configured and managed by us.
  • Always running the latest version.
  • Free trial, then base package starts at 19 euros / monthly.

Base package

  • 1 CPU and 1 GB memory
  • Your own sub-domain:
  • 1 instance, 1 website, 1 input.
  • Metrics and Robot/Addresses statistics with 1 day retention.
  • Latest 1000 logs in memory retention.


  • More CPUs and Memory to suit your processing needs.
  • Multiple websites, multiple instances, multiple inputs.
  • Your own domain name
  • Define your own retention policy.
  • Elasticsearch as data storage. Kibana extra dashboard.
  • Dedicated support and data analysis.