How Access Watch can enhance your website

Access Watch analyzes your web traffic and automatically detects and prevents robot abuse.

Monitor your traffic in real-time

Access Watch presents key website metrics in a beautiful data-rich interface. Conventional analytics tools lack necessary insight into automated traffic. Get the full picture with Access Watch.

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Block robots from attacking your site

More than a quarter of robots on the web are attacking websites and probing for vulnerabilities. Access Watch gives you the tools to fight back.

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Detect scrapers and price crawlers

Data scrapers and price crawlers are common visitors to most websites. In particular, eCommerce sites, booking platforms and service marketplaces are frequent targets of these robots.

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Machine learning

Augment your logs with intelligence

Access logs are an integral part of troubleshooting errors in your web assets. Yet raw log files don't provide the next layer insights that you need, making your processes inefficient and draining resources.

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